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The Bank in Figures

Number of branches

BNA has 639 branches, 59 operative offices, mobile agencies, 30 points of promotion, 5 instrumentalities in customer companies, and 16 electronic branches, making a total of 755 service points distributed throughout the Argentine territory. Following its federalist credit assistance policy, BNA is the institution with the largest presence in Argentina’s provinces and economic regions. Furthermore, it has 13branches abroad and one representative office: Beijing (China).

Number of employees

BNA has 17.395 employees nationwide and 190 employees abroad.

Number of ATMs

BNA has 2.758 ATMs and 600 TAS.


Banco Nación plays a strategic role in assisting primarily the financing needs of SMEs and the most dynamic sectors in addition to its traditional action in favor of the development of the rural sector, industry, regional economies and foreign trade. It also aims at strengthening the customized banking business in all its product and service segments and at developing electronic banking business.


Traditionally, Banco Nación has a significant credit offering designed to meet the financing needs of the different production sectors of the Argentine economy. In addition to this traditional action in favor of financing the rural sector, industry, regional economies and foreign trade, BNA aims at assisting primarily the credit requirements of SMEs.

Deposits and Loans

TOTALS in thousand Pesos (Data as of 30/06/2019):

  • Deposits: AR$ 953.905.114
  • Loans: AR$ 414.433.131
  • Assets: AR$ 1.169.624.476
  • Net Worth: AR$ 108.067.269