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Operaciones con el Exterior
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Remittance and Receipt of funds to or from overseas

It is very easy to access the entire world through Banco de la Nación Argentina.

You may remit or receive money to or from overseas in a safe, efficient and economical manner from any of our branches.(*)

  • For family allowance.
  • To transfer retirement and pension funds abroad.
  • To collect retirement and pension funds from abroad.
  • To pay fees or services rendered by non-residents.
  • To make transfers abroad for tourism and travel.
  • Others.


Transfers abroad (*)

Banco Nación makes transfers in favor of overseas beneficiaries through its broad network of branches and correspondents abroad, provided that the applicant is the holder of an account with the institution.

Foreign Payment Orders (*)

Banco Nación makes the payment of funds received from abroad to beneficiaries in Argentina, provided that they hold an account with the institution.